Wednesday, September 12, 2012

detox summary

So this blog post has been long overdue and I am so relieved that I drafted most of it 6 months ago! During this unexpected 7 month hiatus, life happened and my blog did not. I am truly thankful for all of the experiences I've had and I'm doing my best to accept each day as a precious gift. This fall I hope to get back into a nice rhythm with my posts, as I have so much to share!

Back to my detox summary.  I'm sure most of you would like to know statistics like how much weight I lost, etc.  Well, here they are:

Starting weight and BMI - 124, 21.7

Lowest weight and BMI reached during detox - 121.5, 20.1

Ending weight and BMI - 123, 20.3

So those are the numbers that I recorded primarily out of curiosity.  I did not expect that I would drop much weight, as I had lost 10 pounds the month before when I made the switch from a vegetarian diet to a vegan diet.

After the detox I did have leftover supplements like the chlorella tablets and pysllium, which I still take from time to time.  For those of you with gluten intolerance or celiac disease, you should know that Karyn's Green Meal Powder does in fact have wheat in it, sprouted wheat.  So the unfortunate thing was that during most of the detox I was unknowingly glutened.  I think this was one of those instances where I simply asked one of the people who work at Karyn's if the powder was gluten free and took their word for it. Lesson learned: Always read your labels.

One of the things I realized after looking back at my detox journey, was that it really became a food diary.  That is not necessarily a bad thing, but it's interesting because it was not premeditated.  I suppose food was a focal point of the detox, especially the 3 weeks I went raw, so it felt quite natural to record everything.  Looking back at this food log, it's so nice to see how much I've grown in the kitchen in regards to preparing raw and cooked vegan cuisine.  Over the next few weeks I will be creating another blog about my favorite recipe books, kitchen gadgets and online resources.  And I'm proud to report that 7 months later, Andrew and I are still vegan and going strong.

Since I have successfully completed Karyn's detox, I don't feel the need to repeat it.  That said, I would definitely try another detox, as I feel it is important to give our bodies annual/biannual oil changes.  At the moment I'm actually in the process of a month long herbal detox, which I will be blogging about soon...

"Ability is what you're capable of doing. Motivation determines what you do. Attitude determines how well you do it." 

~Lou Holtz 

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