Saturday, February 4, 2012

detox - day 19

Today I woke up at 9:30am. I put my Suki Masque on my face then went upstairs, took the systemic enzymes and drank 4 ounces of spirulina.  Next I quickly showered, grabbed a Harmless Harvest coconut water and headed down to my studio to teach.

After I finished teaching I made a fresh batch of energy soup. I will admit that it was not an appetizing breakfast, but I was still breaking my fast and was determined to do it gently as suggested by Karyn. I still had a hard time getting the soup down.

Then I headed out to my DM class, which was pretty tough, as I had not exercised all week. After class I headed to the juice bar down the street and had a shot of wheatgrass, ginger and 2 shots of watermelon - boy did that hit the spot!

Then I came home and decided to try some raw cereal with almond milk. My stomach had felt very unsettled today and yesterday, but I was determined to eat something other than that energy soup!

Before heading out, I spent some time listening to several Bach Cantatas. Then I packed up the oxykare water, Basil Cheese Spread (cashews, macademia nuts, basil, olive oil, lemon juice & salt) and raw sweet potato chips.  I then jumped in the car and went downtown to listen to auditions for The Chicago Bach Ensemble's Cantata Project.

During the auditions I sipped the oxykare water and in our break, I had a few chips with my basil dip.

Once I came home, I did my last enema and implant for this detox. YEAH! And my stomach felt much better afterward, too!

After my enema, I felt quite cold. I was also hungry, so I had some romaine lettuce with some Spicy Mexican Cheese Spread (cashews, macademia nuts, cilantro, jalapeno & salt). I also ate a tablespoon of cashew butter. When I finished eating, I started sipping the kamut water.

Since my package from Hail Merry's had come earlier in the day, I decided to try one of their blonde macaroons. It was super yummy!

Before bed I felt pretty dehydrated, so I guzzled down some water and then took the systemic enzymes.

"Celebrate endings - for they precede new beginnings."

~Jonathan Lockwood Huie

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