Saturday, February 4, 2012

detox - day 18

Today I woke up at 8:50am, showered, dressed, packed up my enzymes and then headed out the door for my many appointments at Karyn’s Inner Beauty.

My first appointment was the lymphatic drainage. Instead of the massage method they use specially constructed photon beam tubes placed on the body that stimulate and break up clogged lymph. It was a painless process and I’m hoping that I will continue to feel better as a result of this therapy.

After my lymphatic drainage, I headed into the oxygen bath. I had planned to spend at least 20 minutes inside, but the specialist doing my lymphatic appointment was 30 minutes late, so I only had 15 minutes in the bath. They say that 15 minutes is the recommended amount of time to really reap the benefits from it, so I was ok with that. And I am proud to say that I stayed in the full 15 minutes, which was no easy endeavor. This time I did not feel nauseous, but my hands and arms felt quite tingly. I’m assuming that may have been a result of my lyphm appointment before. I found out that the pod is heated to approximately 170 degrees and then when you get in they turn it down to 110 degrees. That's one hot steam bath!

Once I finished with the bath, I headed to my last colonic with Patty – I highly recommend her if you ever go to Karyn’s for a colonic. Today my release was mostly gas and mucus (sorry if that's tmi for some of you), as I had not eaten anything solid for the past 3 days. I felt pretty good after the appointment, but my stomach still felt a bit crampy. I then made an appointment for a facial and myopulse treatment (the Fountain of Youth package) for the following week as a reward for my commitment to this detox.

After all of my appointments I downed the systemic enzymes. Then I walked over the Karyn’s Fresh Corner and ordered 2 shots of wheatgrass, to make up for not having had one the day before. I also picked up some energy soup, a half cup of bean sprout salad and some coconut water. I quickly ate a few bites of soup and salad before leaving the cafe.

Then I headed to Whole Foods to pick up HarmlessHarvest’s coconut water, which is a 100% raw! I felt a bit nauseous in the store – perhaps it was my body adjusting to eating solid food again. When I got back to the car I drank a bit of coconut water, which made me feel better.

Next I was off to the academy to teach. While coaching, I sipped my coconut water and in my break I ate the rest of my energy soup.

Once I got home, I drank 4 ounces of spirulina and took the second dose of my systemic enzymes. I then made a fresh batch of kamut water and almond milk. Then I ate the rest of my sprout salad.

I had picked up some of Lush’s CACA BRUN MAMA henna and decided I would try it out this evening. The process was pretty simple, although a bit messy. Once I added the color mixture, it had to sit on my hair for 2 hours - my head felt pretty heavy by the end of that time and it took me about 10 minutes to rinse out the color. The overall color turned out very nice, but unfortunately it did not cover my grays. I still have a 2 blocks left, so I'm going to try applying the mixture to my roots when it's piping hot and also try adding a bit of apple cider vinegar to the water (something I read about online) to see if that makes a difference. If not, then I’m not quite sure what to try next. I have decided that I will no longer go to the salon for my color treatments due to the high toxicity levels in their dyes (this was the last of my toxic vices to give up).

After I finished with my hair, I started sipping on my kamut water.  Then I downed the oxykare water just before heading to bed.

"Beauty draws us with a single hair."

~Alexander Pope


  1. Hey Karen,

    How long did you let the mixture sit before you put it in your hair? You need to wait for the dye to release, using lemon juice instead of water and letting the dye sit for at least 6 hours in a warm place covered tightly with plastic wrap will give the dye time to release. The best you can do for greys is turn them coppery orange, it won't hide them completely unless you follow the henna by doing indigo over it.

  2. Thanks Julia for the tips! I let the henna sit for the suggested time of 2 hours. Tomorrow night I will try the lemon juice and let it sit for 6 hours, since I have evening off. I'll let you know how it goes. :)