Friday, February 3, 2012

detox - day 17

Today is the last day of my juice fast! I slept in a bit, since I decided in advance not to go to the gym. So I ended up rolling out of bed around 9:30am. Once I came upstairs, I took the systemic enzymes and drank 4 ounces of spirulina.

Then I put on my Ichthammol & Herbs Mask and started catching up with my emails and blog. I was very fortunate to have 2 of my students reschedule their lessons to a later day in the week. This did not give me a complete day off, but gave me more time relax.  Since the the last day of a juice fast is the hardest for me, I was super thankful to have a lighter load today! 

So with my free time, I decided to indulge in another 45 minute bath with the Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge. Just before my bath, I again used my body brush. When I got out of the tub, I put some raw coconut cream on my face. Now that is what I call pampering!

After my bath I was a bit hungry, so I drank 6 ounces of rejuvelac and continued to catch up with my blog. Once I finished, I grabbed my kamut water and headed to my studio to practice for an hour before teaching. In my short break, I drank a few ounces of the green juice that I made the day before and took my supplements.

Once I finished teaching, I practiced for another hour. Then I did my enema and implant. Afterwards I drank the rest of my green juice and downed the oxykare water.

In terms of symtpoms, I had hunger pangs many times throughout the day and felt very cold after my enema. My BM was not normal, again very watery.  

I'm proud to say I made it through my 3 day fast!

“The best of all medicines is resting and fasting.”

~Benjamin Franklin

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