Wednesday, February 1, 2012

detox - day 16

Today I rolled out of bed at 8:50am. I quickly put myself together and headed out for my colonic appointment. My BM was not normal (more of a watery consistency), which is to be expected with the juice fast.

After my colonic, I was off to try the Infrared Sauna. I was in the sauna for 37 minutes and managed to stay in the whole time. One might label these types of therapies as pampering treatments, but I would beg to differ. They are holistic therapies that help to rid the body of toxins. And they truly test your will power, as the temperature varied from 160 to 164 degrees Fahrenheit in the sauna. With the extreme heat and sweating, I found myself switching positions every 5 to 10 minutes and by the end, my breathing was quite labored. When I came out, I sat in the chair in the room for about 10 minutes to cool off and immediately drank 3 glasses of water. The amazing thing was that my body continued to perspire for about 20 minutes after I got out of the sauna. I will say the sauna was a more pleasant experience compared to the oxygen bath I had the day before.

After my appointments, I downed the systemic enzymes and oil of oregano. Then I walked over to Karyn's Fresh Corner and ordered a shot of wheatgrass and picked up some coconut water. I then headed to Whole Foods to pick up some fresh veggies.

One might think I would be pretty hungry, having only consumed my wheatgrass and coconut water, but amazingly I was not. So I decided to draw myself a bath with the Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge that I had just purchased from Saffron Rouge - they also sell the raw coconut cream I use on my face, which I love!

Just before my bath, I set up a little table with my laptop and lit a candle. I had decided to catch up on an episode of Downton Abbey while soaking in the tub. I also used my body brush for the first time, too! I felt very lucky to have had the day off from teaching today due to CAA's 2012 SHOWCASE. The self-nurturing time was much needed.

After my bath, I juiced some wheatgrass and made my green juice (kale, parsley, celery, cucumber, carrot, ginger & lemon). The veggie juice is finally starting to grow on me.

After juicing I took a second dose of supplements (systemic enzymes and oil of oregano) and drank 4 ounces of spirulina. Then I started sipping the kamut water.

A few hours later, I drank my green juice (16 ounces). Then I started sipping the oxykare water, which was my last liquid for the day. In case you were wondering, I was quite hungry before bed, but decided not to drink any more juice. Having done a 5 day juice fast 6 months ago, I found that the hunger pangs did not last very long. If you sat tight and focused on something else, they passed very quickly. I had also noticed that my mind seemed clearer just after the hunger pangs subsided.

"I fast for greater physical and mental efficiency."


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