Tuesday, January 31, 2012

detox - day 9

I woke up at 9am, got dressed and headed to my second colonic. Today's session was a bit more unpleasant, most likely due to my crampy feeling going into it and the fact that my rectum was a bit tender, which is normal.  One might think that I would have had less of a release today, especially having just had a colonic yesterday, but this was not the case.  And this was a good sign because it meant my body really is in detox mode.  After my colonic, I felt very light on my feet.

After my appointment, I walked over to Kayrn's Fresh Corner and had a shot of wheatgrass. When I came home, I drank 4 ounces of spirulina and then took my supplements. About a half hour later I ate some raw sprouted cereal with almond milk.

Then I made my green meal shake and packed up the oxykare water to drink while teaching later at the academy.  Approximately 3 hours after eating my cereal I 
drank half of my green meal shake; an hour later I drank the rest.

When I came home, I took the 2nd dose of supplements and then made my energy soup. I mixed some flax seed into the soup, along with my 2nd tablespoon of coconut oil. I then began sipping the kamut water. A bit later Andrew and I made a green juice (kale, celery, carrot & mint). I drank my green juice (8 ounces) about 2 hours after having eaten my soup. 

While I was catching up on my emails and blog, Andrew installed dual-flush systems into both of our toilets in the house. I cannot tell you how proud he made me when he came home with these from his trip to the Home Depot! E
ach one took him about 10 minutes to install and he told me it was super easy. 

About an hour later I was still a bit hungry, so I ate the other half of my Hail Merry's Meyer Lemon Miracle Tart. An hour after that it was time for my psyllium-detox clay cocktail and then bed.

In terms of detox symptoms, I felt very dehydrated most of the day despite all of the liquids I had consumed. I was also quite gassy, too. I did not, however, have a runny nose or chills.

"Every person who desires the higher things in life must be aware of proper bowel management, what it is, and what is required. In so doing, you will discover many secrets of life, develop a positive attitude toward yourself and become the master of body function."

~Dr. Bernard Jensen

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