Wednesday, January 25, 2012

detox - day 7

This morning I woke up at 9:00am with a headache. These are the days that I dread because these types of headaches don't go away until after I'm in bed asleep. I'm trying to keep positive, though, as I know this is a sign that the detox is working.

So after waking up, I took my supplements and then had some raw cereal with almond milk. I then made my made my green meal shake, which I again put in one of my Lifefactory containers to take downtown with me. I also brought kamut water to drink while teaching.

In terms of symptoms, I had a slight runny nose, diarrhea and of course this massive headache. Needless to say, I was not having the best of days.

When I got to my office downtown, I drank some mint tea (caffeine free) to see if that would help my headache - it did not phase it at all and the headache became more intense as the day wore on.

About 3 hours after eating my cereal, I drank my green meal shake. After drinking it, I started sipping on the kamut water.

Approximately 2 hours later I came home and snacked on a few rice crackers with some homemade raw curry dip (soaked cashews, curry, turmeric, thai chili pepper, honey, water & celtic sea salt).

We still had family staying with us, so a few hours later I made some quinoa linguine noodles, pasta sauce and a homemade pesto without garlic for dinner! About an hour after eating dinner, I made a mango sorbet in the Vita-Mix for dessert - the consistency was a bit chalky, so it was not my best batch.

After dessert I took my second dose of supplements. I then read the chapter about days 8-14 of the detox and organized the supplements I would be adding to my daily routine tomorrow. All I can say is that Week 1 will be a breeze compared to Week 2. Wish me luck!

As I was reading Karyn's book SOAK YOUR NUTS, I was reminded of why I started this detox journey. I was also re-inspired by my Facebook friend, Priscilla, about the importance of detoxing:

Again, just before bed, I drank my psyllium-detox clay cocktail.

"In our toxic environment, detoxification is crucial and a matter of survival."

~Priscilla Matuson

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