Friday, March 22, 2013

fast day 6

Last night I slept very well.  It seems that when I read before bed I seem to sleep better.  Maybe it's just a coincidence, but the nights I did not read before bed this week, I did not sleep through the night.  I'm curious if any one else has experienced this.

As I had the day off today, I decided to sleep in.  So I woke up at around 10am this morning - still no headache, light-headedness or nausea.  I have averaged around ten hours of sleep during the fast (of course that is more than I usually get) and I have to wonder if that made things go a bit easier for me.  After getting out of bed I immediately drank some water, weighed myself and got ready to brave the cold - Andrew was working from campus today and I decided to walk with him to work.  Today was definitely my lowest energy level day thus far and I was not able to walk at my usual quick speed.  It was wonderful to soak up some sunlight, breath in the fresh air and just be out in nature.  I ended up walking one hour and 15 minutes.

When I got home I finished off the postcard design for my trio's workshop.  Then I read an inspirational blog post by Jessica Ainscough,  did a few more odds and ends on the computer and drew myself a nice hot bath.  Before my bath I rubbed Phyto's Scalp Stimulant (Nicole would be proud) into my scalp, which felt very nice - it purifies the scalp and improves circulation.  I also dry body brushed, too.  For my bath today I splurged and used Red Flower's Organic Birch Mineral Hydrotherapy Soaking Plunge - it's a bit pricey, but worth every penny!

During my bath I did a bit of meditation, which led to a spiritual breakthrough/breakdown (something I was hoping for and the main impetus for doing this fast).  I found myself in tears and flooded with many different emotions.  I left the tub after a 30 minute soak feeling free of many things I have been holding onto and an overwhelming sense of gratitude. Interestingly, it seems that my perspective of time has shifted.  Maybe it's because I have the day off and have more time to reflect or maybe it's because my breathing and heartbeat have slowed down a bit (a side effect of the fast). Either way, I am trying my best to be present through every moment of this fasting journey.

After the unexpected experience in the tub I felt totally drained, so I attempted to take a one hour nap. Unfortunately my mind was filled with many thoughts and I was only able to rest for that time.  When I woke up, I watered my plants and put away more laundry.  Then I headed upstairs to work a bit more.

Since I have a concert this weekend, I need to keep my fingers in shape.  So I practiced Messiaen's Quartet for the End of Time for a little over an hour this evening.  For those of you interested, I am performing it at Covenant Presbyterian at 7pm this Sunday, March 24th.

In terms of side effects, I forgot to mention that my voice started to go a bit hoarse during my chamber music coaching yesterday.  When I woke up today and spoke to Andrew it was also very faint.  I am wondering if this is my true voice. One of my adult students (who happens to be a monk) was telling me that most of us don't really speak in our real voice - we have many voices we use in different situations.  Just something I'm pondering.

When I woke up today I did not feel hungry at all, it was not until the afternoon that I had some hunger pangs; they were pretty frequent, but eventually passed.  Amazingly I also had a bowel movement today - I thought for sure I would not have one again until I started consuming food.  The body is truly a miraculous and mysterious thing!

I did not really have any food cravings, but I was thinking a bit about the soup I was going to prepare for myself tomorrow night for when I break my fast Sunday morning.  I neglected to mention that yesterday I had some images of some of the best meals I've ever eaten flash through my mind - I'm sure there is some meaning or symbolism to it, maybe my body's way of saying goodbye to food?

For most of the day I felt pretty warm, most likely due to the walk and bath I took.  It was not until the late evening I felt chilly.  Since yesterday, I lost another 1 lb and 00.1% body fat.

Tomorrow is the last day of my fast and I am anticipating feeling a bit weaker than today.  I think the adrenaline rush I had in the beginning really helped me get through the first five days of the fast.  I can only hope I will have enough energy to get through my five hours of teaching tomorrow.  Andrew has decided to join me on the last day with a one day fast of his own (that's my sweetie).

I decided to read before bed this evening - bedtime 10pm!

"Seek the angel of fresh air, the angel of water, the angel of sunlight, and the angel of the earth, and invite them to stay with you throughout the fast!"

~ From the writings of the Essenes

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