Sunday, February 12, 2012

detox - day 25

Today I slept in because of my chest congestion and fatigue from the night before. So I ended up waking up at 10:00am. I then used my Revitalizing Sea Salt Scrub on my face, which left it feeling silky smooth!

I normally would have gone to my DM class today, but as I was not feeling 100% and had exercised solidly for the last 3 days, I decided to give my body a break.

After I came upstairs, I took the systemic enzymes and then drank 4 ounces of spirulina. I then made a fresh batch (and my first batch) of sesame seed milk. It has a nice subtle flavor and went perfectly with my raw cereal!

I was on a roll this morning, so I then made a batch of raw peanut butter. Any nuts that I consume I soak between 8 to 12 hours. I have not tried the sea salt method I just came across, but plan to in the future. I have to admit that my peanut butter tasted very bland. I am not sure if I would really eat the raw peanut butter by itself or smear it on anything, so I am going to think of another way to use my peanut butter paste in a recipe later tonight.

I then took a dropper full of oil of oregano to help me get past the last (or what I hope is the last) of my detox symptoms. Overall, I feel much better today and the mucus in my chest is almost totally gone now. I followed the oregano with a tablespoon of coconut oil.

While I was catching up with my blog, I sipped my kamut water. I have found that I tolerate the drinks on this detox much better when sipping them through a straw (all except for the sprirulina, wheat grass and oxykare water). Yesterday I received my package of stainless steel straws and today was my first day using one. It always makes me happy to eliminate another plastic item from my daily use and replace it with a reusable product!

Just before leaving to teach at the academy, I packed up my 16 ounce green juice that I made the day before and a coconut water.

After teaching I headed to Whole Foods to pick up a few items. When I made it home I was pretty hungry, so I ate 4 of my mushrooms stuffed with pesto that I had also made the day before.

About an hour later, I made a fresh batch of guacamole (avocado, tomato, cilantro, serrano, lime & a pinch of sea salt) and made my collard green tacos. I used the filling I had made a few nights back and added some of my fresh peanut butter and a little more ancho chili powder to it. I topped my tacos off with some alfalfa sprouts - they were super yummy!

About an hour later I ate the other half of my Hail Merry's Meyer Lemon Miracle Tart.

A few hours later I made myself a Happy Ginger drink (rejuvelac, ginger, honey & ice).

Just before bed I drank the oxykare water and took the systemic enzymes.

In terms of symptoms, my chest congestion has almost totally disappeared. My skin is still a bit dry and I am still having moments of feeling quite chilly.  My BM was much closer to normal today.

"Everything is a miracle. It is a miracle that one does not dissolve in one's bath like a lump of sugar."

~Pablo Picasso

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