Monday, March 25, 2013

day after

The last night of my fast it took me forever to fall asleep, most likely because I could faintly smell the soup simmering in the slow cooker upstairs.  I had planned to wake up early because I thought I would be very eager to eat, but I ended up sleeping an hour and a half later because I slept so poorly. So by the time I woke up at 8:30am, I had no desire to eat. Kind of funny, eh?  I waited all this time to eat and when the time came, I was not even hungry.  In total I went 176 hours without food.  I'm still in shock that I was able to make it the full seven days.

I decided to break my fast with a clay cocktail.  Shortly thereafter I had my first bowl of hot vegetable soup.  The first bite tasted so good and I was proud that I had thrown the soup together without a recipe (or tasting it) and it turned out so yummy!  For those of you wondering, It was not weird to eat at all, but I could only handle one small bowl of soup.

After cooking for 10 hours!

Then I headed to yoga class at the Lab, since I felt pretty good and my energy was quickly coming back.  I made it through the class with only a few moments of lightheadedness when I moved a bit too quickly out of a pose. My balance actually improved and my strength had not diminished at all.  This both surprised and amazed me.

After yoga class, I went to the grocery store (the first time in over a week!) and picked up more soup makings.  As I am breaking my fast, I have been instructed by my holistic doc to only eat vegetable soup the first two days (the second day can include carb-rich veggies).

When I got home I was hungry again, so I had another bowl of vegetable soup.  Then I headed downstairs to practice for our Messiaen concert this evening.  Afterward, I taught a student and then practiced a bit more.  While practicing I sipped some raw coconut water; it tasted so sweet and was exactly what I needed - I'm not sure whether Dr. park would concur or not, though.

I had a few hours to myself before leaving for the preconcert rehearsal, so I ate another small bowl of soup and caught up with a few odds and ends.  Then I showered and headed out the door.  I packed a cup of soup, coconut water and some spring water.

Before the concert I ate the soup for energy and sipped the coconut water.  The concert went very well and we had a great audience!  When I got home I ate one more bowl of soup, finished my German homework and caught up with some computer work.

In terms of post fast side effects, I found myself really craving carbs (breads and pasta) several times throughout the day and felt a little chilly this evening.  I also had a bit of an uneasy feeling in my gut after eating and my stomach felt a bit bloated.  The good news is that my bowel movements were back, the bad news is that they were not very good.  I'm sure all of this will pass in the next few days as my body continues to adjust to digesting food again. Since yesterday I lost another 1.5 lbs and 00.6% body fat.  In total I lost 9.5 lbs and 3.9% body fat.

Since my stomach has been a bit off this evening, I decided to continue working before heading to bed to read. Bedtime 1:00am (not so good).

I will devote at least one more post to wrap up my thoughts about this fasting experience in the next few days.

"You can fast for a particular purpose, for healing, abundance, supernatural abilities, for any other specific blessing, or simply because you enjoy the depth of spiritual awareness you experience while you are fasting.

One side effect of that deepened spiritual awareness is that you will open yourself to information that was not available to you before. You will begin to clearly hear the voice of the Spirit within you.

As you remove the obstacles that are clouding your awareness of the Spirit within you, your Inner Light will begin to shine brighter and brighter and you will begin to notice more and more Light radiating through your eyes.

You will begin to experience greater and greater sense of profound inner peace and whatever you may want to manifest in your life will begin to manifest faster and faster simply because you have removed the obstacles from within you."

~ Dr. Laura De Giorgio

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