Friday, December 21, 2012

mushroom chestnut soup

This has to be one of my favorite soups, which happens to be a real crowd pleaser. And I recently discovered why I crave it in the winter time, mushrooms are a great source of vitamin D! So if you're feeling the winter blues set in, try making this soup for a little pick me up!


4 cups crimini mushrooms cleaned and stemmed
4 cups of shiitake mushroom stock or purified water
1 15 oz. jar of roasted chestnuts or 2 cups of fresh roasted chestnuts
2 to 3 shallots or you could use 1 onion
2 tablespoons coconut oil or other oil of your choice
1 cup of *fresh coconut creme (click here for a video on how to make the creme)
1 tablespoon balsamic vinegar
1 tablespoon fresh thyme
celtic sea salt to taste
cracked white pepper to taste

If you don't have a way to make the coconut creme, you can use 1 can of coconut milk.

Begin by chopping the shallots and slicing the mushrooms. Add one tablespoon of oil to a large soup pot and saute the shallots on medium low heat for approximately 10 minutes, stirring frequently. Then add 3 cups of the sliced mushrooms and the chestnuts to the pot and saute another 5 minutes. Add in the stock and salt (I used approximately 2 teaspoons), turn the heat to high and bring to a boil. Then simmer for 15 minutes. While the soup is cooking, add the other tablespoon of oil to a small saute pan and turn the heat to medium. Add in the balsamic vinegar and the remaining sliced mushrooms. Stir frequently until all of the liquid has evaporated and the mushrooms turn dark in color. At this time you can prepare your coconut creme (if you are making your own).

Once the soup has finished cooking add in the coconut creme, fresh thyme and cracked pepper. Use an immersion hand blender to puree the soup. If you do not have an immersion stick, you can transfer the mixture to a blender and process on high until it is smooth and creamy.

To serve, I dish the soup into bowls and garnish with the sauteed mushrooms. Happiness is a few bites away!

“Existence has overpowered Books. Today I slew a Mushroom.”

~Emily Dickinson

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