Friday, January 13, 2012

step 9 - the fifth agreement

Angel is a Greek word meaning “messenger.” Angels really exist, but not the angels of religion with wings. We are all messengers; we are all angels, but we don’t have wings, and we don’t believe in angels with wings. The religious story about angels with wings is just a symbol, and as a symbol, the wings mean that angels can fly.
Angels fly and they deliver information, a message, and the real message is life, or truth. But there are so many messengers in this world who don’t deliver life, who don’t deliver truth. The world is populated by billions of messengers, with or without awareness. It’s obvious that the majority are without awareness. They are programmed to deliver and receive a message, but they don’t know they are messengers. The majority of the humans on earth have no idea that the symbols are their own creation. They have no idea where the power of the symbols comes from, which means that the symbols have complete control over them.
Of course, I can make a story if I want to, and it can be a beautiful story. I can focus my attention on the symbols, and use the symbols that you understand to communicate with you. I can also use the symbols to hear what you say. Usually it is about your own story. You tell me many things that you believe are true, and I know they are not. But when you tell me, I listen, and then I know exactly where you are coming from. I see what perhaps you don’t see. I see the real you, not what you pretend to be. What you pretend to be is so complicated that I don’t even bother to try to understand it. I know it is not you. The real you is your presence, and it’s as beautiful and wonderful as anything on this earth.
When you see a rose, open and beautiful, its very presence makes you feel wonderful. You don’t need to tell yourself how wonderful that rose is; you can see all the beauty and romance of that rose. You smell the rose, and the rose never says a word. You understand the message, but not with words. If you go to a forest, you see birds talking to birds, and trees talking to trees, with another kind of symbology. You can see the inner communication of everything around you, and it’s amazing.There are messengers everywhere in this world, but have you ever thought about it?
Have you ever noticed that since you arrived in this world, you’ve always been delivering a message? Even before you were born, when your mother became aware that she was pregnant, your message was there. Your parents could hardly wait for your arrival, for the moment of your birth. They knew that a miracle was happening, and as soon as you were born, you delivered the message right away with no words. They felt your presence. It was the birth of an angel, and the message was you.You were the message, and you still are the message, but you’ve been distorted by the reflection of the other messengers. It’s not the messengers’ fault, it’s not your fault, and in fact it’s nobody’s fault. The distortion is perfect because only perfection exists, but then you grow up, you become aware, and you can choose to deliver a different message. You can choose to become a better reflection of life by changing the language you speak. You can change the way you deliver a message, the way you communicate with yourself and with other people.
Now a simple question for you. I want you to understand the question, but don’t allow that voice in your head to answer the question. Just allow these words to go directly into your heart, where you can feel the meaning and intent behind the words. This is the question: What kind of messenger are you? This is not a judgment. It’s just a little doubt for your mind, but it’s a big step into awareness. If you understand the question, then just this little doubt can change your whole life.
~an excerpt from the book "The Fifth Agreement" by Don Miguel Ruiz and Don Jose Ruiz

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