Thursday, January 5, 2012

step 5 - there's something in the air

There’s something in the air
There’s something I must do
There’s something to remember
Something I always knew.

And yet I know from deep within
Each candle that I light
Will burn on bright and then may fade
And be enveloped by the night.

So what does God then want of me
To search and save lost souls
Or to find my way and be the light
To others with such goals.

I’m on the threshold now it seems
The path ahead divides
No revelation awaits the one
Who from the truth so hides.

The truth then isn’t to save another
But to myself be true
To learn and grow and think and feel
Thus learning what to do.

First one’s task is to find themselves
To know who and what they are
And then to shine not hide their light
But shine bright like any star.

Those who need will find you
Those who for truth do thirst
Those who need to know themselves
Both best and the very worst.

So be calm and the time will come
When all will be so clear
And you will come to know your path
And God’s wish for you my dear.

~T.M. Thompson

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